Contact any of those listed below for more information.

Cordell Berge

(503) 351-6870

Boyd Bjorkquist

(541) 297-2471

Mike Forrester

(541) 404-0317

Steve Greif

(541) 294-0403

Mark Mattecheck

        (541) 297- 0577 

Ken Sandine

     (541) 350-2560

Hesper the Bulldog

The committee at the March 18, 2022, reception at Back Alley Pub & Grill following the dedication ceremony and unveiling of Hesper.  Pictured:  Mark Mattecheck, Mike Forrester, Steve Greif, Cordell Berge, Boyd Bjorkquist and Ken Sandine.

 This project is being administered by the Committee for the Friends of Bulldog Legacy Plaza, a function of the North Bend School Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization.   

The Committee: Cordell Berge - Boyd Bjorkquist - Mike Forrester - Steve Greif - Mark Mattecheck - Ken Sandine

North Bend School Foundation – P.O. Box 333, North Bend, OR 97459 – EIN 26-1298799